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Colorful Flowers

Madera Avenue Candle Co

Bringing Light and Comfort to Grief and Loss

Honoring the memory of a loved one is important, and Memorial Candles provide a unique and meaningful way to do so. Our candle memorials are crafted with care, using the finest materials and thoughtful touches, creating a lasting tribute that offers comfort. 

Angel statue

Funeral Homes

We offer a range of candle packages for grieving individuals to distribute amongst their loved ones as a special memento during funerals.

Church Cross

Churches / Non-Profits

We offer candle packages for grieving individuals that churches can send with a personal message. We handle delivery and installation with help from the funeral home.



We offer a reordering service for all past orders on the website's reorder section to make it more convenient for you...

At the moment, our offerings are exclusively accessible via Church Gifts or Funeral Home Packages. However, if you wish to procure our candles for someone special, kindly complete the form provided below.

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